Expert Evidence for Petrochemical Import Facility

Client: International Public Company 1

Location: Australia

Role: Expert Evidence

Date: 2014 - 2015

A new petrochemical transfer and storage facility was required to meet the requirements of customers and to cater for future increases in demand.

The construction of the import facility was undertaken in a live operating port environment where the continuity of port operations was critical. The new facility consists of a dedicated transfer pipeline from the shared bulk liquids berth to a new storage and loading facility.

Scope of work

E3 Advisory was retained by the client’s lawyers to provide independent expert delay services to respond to the contractor’s claims, including:

  • Provision of an Expert Report of Extensions of Time (EOT) Claims – independent assessment of claims by the contractor for EOT in a complex program environment involving numerous concurrent contractor delays
  • Assessment of “as-built” information – provision of an independent assessment of the methodology adopted to create as-built information
  • Assessment of contractor’s Expert Report – provision of an independent assessment of the methodology and conclusions of the contractor’s expert report

Key achievements

  • Provision of advice as to whether the delays were as a result of those factors claimed by the contractor, or whether there were other factors that were likely to have delayed practical completion
  • Provided a detailed response to the contractor’s expert report

Note: the dispute resolution process between the parties is currently ongoing.

1 For confidentiality reasons the name of the client is unable to be disclosed