Automatic Train Protection H-Set Fleet Onboard Installation Project

Client: Transport for NSW

Location: New South Wales

Role: Delivery strategy, transaction management and commercial specialist services

Date: 2014-2015

Automatic Train Protection (ATP) is a generic name to describe trackside and train-borne systems designed to automatically prevent a train from exceeding speed limits or traveling beyond the boundaries of its permitted movement authority.

The H-Set Fleet Onboard Installation Project encompasses installation, testing, commissioning and handover of the European Train Control System (ETCS) on 53 sets of the H-Set fleet. This project enabled the operation of the ETCS for all H-Set installed fleet within the Sydney Trains’ and NSW Trains’ operating environment.

Scope of work

E3 Advisory personnel worked with the client’s integrated project team to procure a contractor for the onboard installation of ETCS on the H-Set fleet of trains. E3 Advisory have provided strategic advice regarding the procurement strategy, transaction management services as well as direct delivery of the key outputs for the end-to-end procurement process. The role has included:

  • Development of the delivery and procurement strategy, ensuring that the strategy was appropriately designed for the context of the project and the market conditions
  • Formal market sounding, including the provision of market briefings, the development of a market sounding questionnaire and undertaking market sounding one-on-one interviews, and final market sounding report. This information was used to inform the finalisation of the delivery strategy
  • Development of a bespoke installation contract including working with the project team to establish the risk profile, and with the legal advisors to develop the bespoke deed and deed schedules for Transport for NSW (TfNSW)’s first ETCS installation contract
  • Management of the two-stage procurement process, comprising of the Expression of Interest and Request for Tender phases. E3 Advisory personnel were responsible for managing the development of the full suite of tender documents, including the works brief and bespoke contract document. We facilitated the evaluation process, as point of contact for all communication with tenderers, providing commercial and procurement support for contract negotiation to contract execution

 E3 Advisory were responsible for preparing other procurement documents including the Probity Management Plan, tender evaluation methodology, and final tender evaluation report, while also being the point of contact for all communication to tenderers.

Key achievements

  • Efficient end-to-end procurement services, from the development of the delivery strategy and procurement strategy through to contract execution for the first installation contract by TfNSW
  • The procurement process, bespoke deed, and other Project documentation will set the benchmark standard for future implementation and roll out of ETCS on other fleets in the network