Dulal Ghosh

Executive Advisor

Dulal has over 32 years’ experience in different elements of infrastructure projects, particularly, in power generation, transmission and distribution. Dulal’s experience covers roles in engineering, project and contract management, construction management, operation and maintenance management, claims avoidance, claims management and dispute resolution, as well as sales management and business development. 

Dulal has extensive experience working in many multidisciplinary industries such as power generation, transmission and distribution, construction of oil and gas platforms, construction and upgrade of water and wastewater treatment plants and power supply and distribution for mining projects. 

His experience includes power plants for conventional and renewable power generation in Australia, India, China, Malaysia, Bangladesh, New Caledonia and Thailand. 

Dulal has led and managed multidisciplinary teams for design, engineering, project and contract management for project development and project delivery. He has led negotiations involving various contract forms, including material supply, design and construct, EPC, EPCM and Alliance.

Dulal is a registered Adjudicator in Western Australia.  He is also an Expert Determiner and Arbitrator for commercial dispute resolution.  He has provided adjudication, arbitration and litigation supports to various clients for commercial dispute resolution in large infrastructure projects.

Dulal joined E3 Advisory in February 2016 after 9 years with Evans & Peck.

Contact Dulal

Phone +61 8 6110 1720