Rob Kennedy


Rob is an infrastructure professional with over 15 years’ experience advising both governments and major corporations in the planning, procurement and delivery of large infrastructure projects covering the transport, health, justice, education, water and energy sectors.  Having worked for Queensland Treasury, Government Owned Corporations, Projects Queensland, Building Queensland and the Cross River Rail Delivery Authority, Rob has an in-depth understanding of the commercial, technical, financial and governance issues faced by government and the private sector.

Rob specialises in the leadership and timely delivery of business cases that inform value for money investment decisions.   His business case experience is broad and includes major infrastructure projects in the health, justice, education, water, energy, ports and transport sectors.

Rob has deep experience in clearly defining the service need, identifying measurable benefits, filtering relevant options and analysing the economic, social, environmental and financial viability of projects.  Rob understands that good investment decision making relies on quality business case documentation and robust review, governance and assurance procedures.  Rob also has experience in the delivery of procurement transaction processes and the structuring of public private partnerships.  Rob was responsible for the development of the Building Queensland Business Case Development Framework and led the 2015 update to Queensland Treasury’s Project Assessment Framework.

Rob has qualifications in Business, Finance, Investment Logic Mapping, Gateway Review, and Project Management.


Phone 07 3160 3150