Thomas Schnieders

Senior Advisor

Thomas is an accomplished Civil Engineer and Project Manager with over 20 years' experience in the construction industry, including the design, procurement and delivery of a wide variety of civil and residential construction and commercial building projects. Thomas is a Member of the Institute of Engineers Australia, demonstrating his dedication and belief in a code of ethics, objectiveness, and professionalism.

As Operations Manager and Director for a mid-sized civil construction business, Thomas developed the leadership qualities required for multi-disciplinary project procurement and delivery teams. He expanded his skills to include business development, construction law, construction finance, governance, assurance and human resources management.

As a result of Thomas’ broad whole of project lifecycle experience, genuine value can be added to infrastructure projects at all stages of development. His background in managing a construction company also means he is aligned with client requirements and always working toward the bigger picture.

Thomas is highly motivated to utilise his diverse skill-set to achieve exceptional client outcomes and leave a legacy of quality projects which enhance the community.

Contact Thomas

Phone 07 3160 3150