We provide support across the asset lifecycle, addressing our clients’ needs in:

Strategy, Portfolio and Policy Advice
Successful projects that deliver real benefits stem from sound policy supported by robust investment decisions.
See how we help investors plan, select and oversee their projects.
Project Development
A well-defined project is essential to success. Many project failures can be traced back to poor project definition.
See how we help set up projects for their best chance of success.
Delivery Strategies and Procurement Planning
Effective delivery of projects starts with the selection of the strategy appropriate for the context of the project and the market conditions at the time of its delivery.
See how we can help identify the right delivery strategy for your project.
Procurement and Transaction Management
Each procurement and transaction needs to be tailored to the specific infrastructure context, objectives and the capabilities of the client’s team.
See how we can help manage your procurement processes.
Project Delivery Support
Project leaders understand that even the best developed plans are likely to require change. Considered advice, to support decision making in the face of these changes, is essential to success.
See how we can support the delivery of your project.
Contract Dispute and Expert Witness
Defensible expert advice means understanding the relevant contract terms and the factual circumstances in each case rather than relying on the application of formulaic methods.
See how we ensure you receive comprehensive advice in your disputes.